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The food of the champions of the world
WAFER-FIOC is made from high quality long fiber forage and alfalfa and flaked cereals. All-in-one feed for horses, it's a complete meal...
Poultry Feed
Flaked feed for poultry and brnyardanimals to provide the right daily nourishment.
High quality flaked cereals
The steam-flaking process offers several advantages, as the raise of feed digestibility and palatability, its complete sterilization and the elimination of the anti-nourishing factors.
GUIDOLIN HORSES All Your Horse Needs
Guidolin Horses, the new horse health care center. A new brand that enclosed ...
2G PET FOOD high quality natural foods for small pets. Discover the four benefits of feeding our little friends with flaked feeds.
Quality and security guaranteed
Guidolin Gianni follows a HACCP (Hazard analysis and control of critical point)which aims ...
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