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The company Gianni Guidolin was established in 1980 in the heart of one of the most important grain production areas in Italy, taking its name from the man who started it all off, with the aim of producing high quality flaked cereals and technical expertise to satisfy all nutritional requirements.

In the early years, the company specialised in the production of feed for cattle, pigs and sheep, providing personalized services to many farms. It paid a great deal of attention to the quality of its service and the product it supplied: it ensured it had qualified nutritionists to study personalised formulas and following rigid rules in the selection of raw materials.

The first major turning point came in the early 90s. The company decided to build on its experience in livestock feed but at at the same time to radically innovate its activities to enter a new market segment: the horses market.

The company’s success was consolidated in 1997 with the launch of an innovative food, Wafer Fioc, and a subsequent dedicated product line.

A mix of grass, alfalfa and cereal flakes in a single homogeneous and balanced product.

In 2010 the launch of a new products line for small pet: 2G Pet Food, High quality natural feed dedicated to the daily diet of dogs, rodents and rabbits and healthy snacks for dogs without sugar and colouring, excellent handmade biscuit with fruits and vegetables.

In 2012 Guidolin Gianni presents the new line of snacks for Horses Equisnack, 100% natural products, only the highest quality ingredients are used carefully baked into crunchy snacks. In the same year the introduction to the market of the new coconuts fibre Eco-Bedding, for horses, convenient and easy to use.

In 2013 the launch of Guidolin Agronatura, the new feed range for agricultural shop channel dedicated to dogs, rodents and rabbits.