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Guidolin Gianni Group follows a HACCP (Hazard analysis and control of critical point) production method, which is aimed at the production of safe products, ensuring consumer health through control procedures.

The method starts with the search for all the dangers that might arise both during the production of food, as well as during all other phases, such as storage, transportation, preservation pending sale to final consumers. Each of these phases must be subjected to careful analysis in order to identify the areas that are most at risk (critical) for the hygiene of the product, so they appropriate prevention systems can be implemented. The monitoring and recording of all the factors that may contribute to the “risk” allow the identification of optimal procedures for effective prevention.

All our suppliers are carefully selected and constantly monitored to ensure consistently high quality raw materials and follow the traceability procedures, through which it is possible to trace finished product batches through to the raw materials used for producing them, so that if there has been a production problem it is possible to isolate individual lots and where applicable replace products sent to customers. Raw materials and finished products undergo detailed laboratory analysis to verify compliance with the quality standards required by HACCP methodology.