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Gianni Guidolin Group is a vertically integrated four-company organization, that operates with synergy in the zootechnical feeding  market. The Guidolin Group was founded more than 40 years ago by its current president, Gianni Guidolin, who from the very beginning directed the production activity towards search, progress, and development of innovative technologies in the agro-alimentary field; thanks to them today the Guidolin Group is an unquestioned worldwide protagonist. This international Group with an artisan’s heart has been able to grow and renew itself in many years of experience, founding its principles on professionalism, competence, and specialisation. The great success of the Group is due to the synergy of four different but at the same time complementary companies.

From the very beginning Gianni Guidolin directed the activity towards the production of innovative and high quality feeding. In the heart of one of the most important grain production areas, the company specialised in the production of feed for different types of animal.

Gianni Guidolin was founded in 1980 by its current president, Gianni Guidolin, and since then many prestigious goals has been achieved in the high-quality zootechnical feeding market.

TECNOFOOD ITALIA: Specialized in manufacturing thermal flaking systems endowed with the most advanced technologies that allow them to be unique in the world.

GUIDOLIN ESPAÑA: Is the unit that operates in the Spanish market. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained in thelivestock feeding, Gianni Guidolin arrived in Spain to contribute to the development of this new market with the introduction of new competitive products for the animal feeding.

GUIDOLIN ARGENTINA: Dynamic and modern company, attentive to requirements of the MERCOSUR Countries, proposes a unique and exclusive service of steam-cooked flaked feed production at home.