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Diet Flakes Herbs

Natural flakes to be integrated into the dog’s diet

Diet Flakes Herbs, a special blend of fibers, enriched with aromatic herbs which have precious beneficial properties, the ideal integration with every dog’s meal. The natural intake of steamed vegetables, legumes and cereals combined with the benefits of leaves of rosemary and parsley. Available formats: 350 g, 2 kg.

  • Dogs of all sizes
  • Puppy, adult, senior

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For your “dog recipes”

Dieta casalinga per cani

Homemade diet for dogs

Dieta vegetariana

Vegetarian dog food

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Diet Flakes Herbs

Natural flakes to be integrated into the dog’s diet

Diet Flakes Herbs is a complementary food for dogs that unites the natural nutritional contribution of legumes and vegetables flakes with the benefits of rosemary and parsley. Its flakes are an excellent complement to kibble, wet or fresh food, they amalgamate to form a “pap” which improves the intestinal activity of the dog, providing the precious nutrients of vegetables and legumes. The chopped rosemary and parsley are a natural supplement to the daily health of the dog. Precious ingredients that nature and traditions of the past offer us to enrich our four-legged friends with well-being and vitality.

  • Steam cooked cereals and vegetables

  • Highly digestible

  • Lots of fibers for the intestinal regularity

  • Rosemary and parsley are natural antioxidants

  • Parsley refreshes the breath and eases stomach discomfort

  • Rosemary is a natural and decongestive tonic

  • Shiny and brilliant coat and greater vitality

  • Weight loss

  • Also for elderly dogs

Diet flakes herbs fiocchi integrali dietetici per cani con erbe aromatiche ingredienti

Complementary feed for dogs

Composition: Rice flakes, barley flakes, flakes of decorticated barley, pea flakes, flakes of whole oat, dehydrated carrot, field bean flakes, rosemary, parsley.

TENORI ANALITICI – Analytical tenors
Ténors analytique, Tenöre analytische, Componentes analíticos
Proteina grezza – Crude protein
Protéines brutes, Rohprotein, Proteína bruta
Oli e grassi grezzi – Crude fat
Matières grasses brutes, Rohfett, Aceites y grasas brutas
Cellulosa grezza – Crude fibre
Fibre brute, Rohfaser, Fibra bruta
Ceneri grezze – Crude ash
Cendres brutes, Rohasche, Cenizas brutas
Did you know that…
Crude proteins: are the building blocks of the body and serve to build tissues and muscles.
Raw fats: are a source of energy and must be commensurate with the daily energy needs of animals.
Crude fibre (or raw cellulose): for regular intestinal functioning.
Crude ash: are the inorganic component, i.e. the minerals contained in the ingredients of food. They are called “crude ashes” because, if we incinerate the food, they would be the part that remains (the ash, in fact), while the organic component would be completely burned. For example: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium.

Recommended use

Feed it to your pet as a partial replacement (from 10% to 25%) of the normal daily diet. Increase up to 50% in case your dog is overweight.
We recommend using the product after adding water or broth.

Add water
or broth

Mix with the usual food

Let it stand for 2 minutes

Serve at room temperature

2G Pet Tips
Always make plenty of fresh water available to your dog.
We recommend that you always follow the advice of your veterinarian for feeding your dog.

Product FAQs

Diet Flakes Herbs
Replace 10% to 25% of the normal daily diet with Diet Flakes Herbs (up to 50% if your dog is overweight). Before serving Diet Flakes Herbs, moisten them with warm water or, to make them more appetizing, with meat or vegetable broth. Then mix Diet Flakes Herbs with the usual food and serve at room temperature.

The insertion of a new food must take place gradually, so we advise you to follow the proportions between Diet Flakes Herbs and the usual food indicated below:
First 3 days: 10% Diet Flakes Herbs + 90% of the usual food.
From the 4th to the 7th day: 20% Diet Flakes Herbs + 80% of the usual food.
From day 8: 25% Diet Flakes Herbs + 75% of the usual food.

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