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Note legali e condizioni d'uso Guidolin Gianni

Terms of use of the website

The following conditions apply to access and use of the following websites owned by Guidolin Gianni:,,,,,,,

Graphic Representation of products

The graphic representation of the products (images, technical data and descriptions) is made for the sole purpose of illustrating the product and is purely indicative. The products may therefore differ from what is shown on the video for obvious reasons of screen colour setting. The images displayed are, in most cases, provided by the manufacturers, and in this regard we inform you that some products may differ from the graphic representation as a result of changes made directly by the manufacturers. Guidolin Gianni therefore assumes no responsibility if such changes do not make changes to the functionality and intended use of a product.

Limits of liability

Although reasonable care has been taken in collecting and presenting the information contained on this website, Guidolin Gianni does not provide any warranty regarding their possible uses by users, with the express exclusion of any liability for errors or omissions attributable to user conduct. The publication of such information on the web does not in itself mean that there has been no change since the date on which such information was published or that the information is accurate and up-to-date at any date after the date on which it was published. Furthermore, anyone wishing to purchase products must not refer to this information but must further ascertain the actual nature of the products and their actual suitability for the use that is intended to be made of them. The information may be changed or updated without notice. Guidolin Gianni may also improve or modify the products described on this website, without notice and assumes no responsibility, of any kind, in relation to users’ access to this website or their use of the materials contained therein.

Information received from users

Any material sent to Guidolin Gianni, for example, by e-mail or through the World Wide Web pages, shall be considered non-confidential and Guidolin Gianni shall become the owner and shall have no obligations of any kind with respect to such material. Therefore, Guidolin Gianni shall be free to reproduce, use, reveal, show, transform, make derivative works and distribute such material to third parties, without any limits. In addition, Guidolin Gianni shall be free to use all information, ideas, concepts, know-how or technical knowledge contained in such material, for any purpose, including, without limitations, the development, production and marketing of products using such material, without any kind of obligation. Users who send Guidolin Gianni material guarantee that the same is publishable and agree to hold Guidolin Gianni harmless  from any action by third parties in relation to such material. The data administrator is: Guidolin Gianni – Via Carturo 58 – 350 16 Piazzola sul Brenta (Pd), Italy.


Guidolin Gianni is not responsible for the content of any other website that may be reached from this website or from which this website can be accessed. Those who decide to visit another website linked to this one do so at their own risk, assuming the burden of taking all necessary measures against viruses or other destructive elements. Guidolin Gianni informs you that it has no control over the content of such websites and as a mere third party has no responsibility for the content and material, including advertising, disclosed on such websites or for the products or services offered. These products or services cannot be considered in any way sponsored, agreed or supported by Guidolin Gianni.


The design of the website, text, figures, selection and arrangement of the same and all the compilations of the software, source code, software itself (including the applets) and all other material on the website are protected by the copyright of Guidolin Gianni or its suppliers. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to make an electronic copy or to print parts of the website in hard-copy for the sole purpose of placing an order using the website as a shopping resource. Any other use of the material published on the website, including reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned above, modification, distribution, republication without the prior written consent of Guidolin Gianni is strictly prohibited and shall be subject to protection, including legal protection, by Guidolin Gianni.


All trademarks shown on this website are the property of Guidolin Gianni. Unauthorised use of any trademark is strictly prohibited and shall result in penalties.

Applicable law

The terms and conditions contained in this note are governed by Italian law. The Court of Padua shall have exclusive jurisdiction and competence for any disputes related to these conditions.

Piazzola sul Brenta, 07 September 2017