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Cocco Bed

Coconut fiber litter for cats, rabbits and rodents

This innovative coconut fibre litter is ideal for cats and small animals. It is 100% natural, made only with vegetable fibre. Lightweight and convenient to carry! Available formats: 1 L, 5 L (100 g, 400 g | 3.5 oz, 14.1 oz).

  • Cats, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, amphibians and birds

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Ecologica e riciclabile


Non si attacca al pelo

Does not stick to their fur

Super assorbente

Very high absorption

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Cocco Bed

Litter for cats, rabbits and rodents

Cocco Bed is ideal for the health and hygiene of pets because it is always dry and easy to maintain. Litter is critical to the quality of life of animals: hygiene, comfort and health depend on it. With coconut fibre, an innovative and biodegradable, lightweight, and very high absorption material, it becomes easier to maintain and keep clean the litter box, and you can ensure a healthier environment, with an optimal sanitary environment, to your pet.
Cocco Bed has a pleasanter appearance; it is soft, smooth and easy to spread, absorbs odors while remaining dry and dust-free on the surface, preventing rheumatic, respiratory and infectious diseases.
It is a very good litter for cats, rabbits, rodents (guinea pigs, hamsters, mice etc.), and it is perfect for reptiles (snakes, geckos, iguanas, tortoises, etc.). It is suitable for amphibians (frogs, tree frogs, newts, etc.) and ideal for birds (loris, nectarines, insectivores, frugivores, quails, etc.).

  • Not palatable for animals

  • Complete elimination of odors

  • More durable

  • Lightweight and convenient to carry

Recommended use

Spread the fibre evenly in the box, cage or terrarium glass case, in accordance with the specified quantities. If necessary, moisten the Cocco Bed by spraying water onto it. For best results, remove the manure and leave the fibre outdoors. After use, it is a great compost can be disposed of with recyclable and organic materials.
Quantity and duration
AnimalLayer cmDuration in days
Cats5 cm8 – 10 days
Rodents2 – 4 cm15 – 20 days
Reptiles2 – 4 cm20 – 30 days
Birds2 – 3 cm15 – 20 days

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