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    Lettiere per animali da fattoria e allevanto Lettiere per animali da fattoria e allevanto
Lettiera ecologica in fibra di cocco per cavalli e animali domestici

Coconut fibre bedding and dedusted wood chip bedding

For the health of your horse is of great importance that the litter on which the horse spends most of its day is kept clean and in the best phyto-sanitary condition. Choosing the horse bedding that will work best for your horse is one of the key factors in helping to determine the overall health and happiness of your horse. Guidolin Horses offers two different kind of horse bedding, one made with coconuts skull’s fibre and the second with dust-free wood shavings.

100% naturale

all natural

Super assorbente

Very high

Non si attacca al pelo

Does not stick
to their fur

  • 100% all natural
  • Very high absorption
  • Does not stick to their fur

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