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  • Guidolin Horses - Wafer Fioc

    Hay cubes with
    heat-flaked cereals
    for horses

    Waferfioc fieno a cubetti con cereali per cavalli Waferfioc fieno a cubetti con cereali per cavalli
Wafer con fieno a fibra lunga e cereali fioccati per cavalli top view

Guidolin Wafer Fioc is a complete and balanced food for horses with constant nutritional and energy values. It is suitable for the proper functioning of an animal's gastrointestinal system. Wafer Fioc is a healthy natural horse feed product, combining high quality long fiber forage (cm 4-5) and flaked cereals. These tasty wafer for horses are manufactured using the latest technology that allows the structure of the long fibres to be retained. It comes as a compacted 4 x 4 cm “biscuit”, that crumbles easy. Wafer Fioc is highly digestible, due to the incorporation of flaked cereals. It is extremely healthy and beneficial nutritious product ideally suited to the digestive system of the horses.

The long fibres improves the gastrointestinal transit and the biscuit composition allows for longer chewing and salivation during ingestion.

The steam-cooked and subsequently laminated cereals preserve the fibres, the aroma and the extremely high biological value of the ingredients. The flaking process works on the chemical and physical organoleptic characteristics of the cereal, promoting an increase in digestibility and palatability of the ingredients, and includes complete sterilization together with the elimination of anti-nutritional factors. It also allows for gelatinization of starch, namely its transformation into dextrins and less complex sugars and the subsequent loss of crystalline structures, which further improves digestion.

A cubed feed available in 5 different formulas studied for competition horses, leisure horses, for foals and mares, for breeding horses, stallions, senior horses and ponies. Two of these formulations have the addition of mineral salts and vitamins for the needs that the animal may have. Wafer Fioc is also hay for allergic horses, since it is dedusted.


Nutrition balance of a complete nourishment

Wafer Fioc is a complete and balanced food for horses. It is a 4x4cm “cube” of long-fibre forage (hay and alfalfa) containing heat-flaked cereals and legumes. The forage is rich in fibre, while cereals and legumes provide energy for work. Wafer Fioc is available in 5 different formulations suited to the needs of a horse, depending on its condition and the type of activity carried out.

Quality of ingredients

Strict quality control of forages and cereals. Only forages that meet our standards regarding fibre length, leafiness, aroma, colour, stem thickness and absence of mould are used. We only select cereals with human toxin levels and carry out continuous checks in receiving.

Highly digestible

Long-fibre hay, its aroma and flavour, as well as the wafer shape, promote prolonged chewing and intense salivation, which benefits the entire digestive process. The cereals contained in Wafer Fioc are thermo-flaked: the cereal grain becomes a flake and the starch it contains undergoes a transformation called “gelatinisation”, which makes the molecules simpler and therefore more digestible for the animal.

Homogeneity of mixture of the ingredients

Wafer Fioc has a constant composition 365 days a year, which is essential for a horse's intestine since continuous variations in nutrition could cause imbalances in the bacterial flora.

Easy to use

Simplicity of storage and administration. Reduction of stable management costs: optimisation of the work of personnel, equipment and feed storage areas.

Also for “delicate” horses

Also ideal for horses with respiratory problems and allergies to dust and hay. Dust–free cubes ensure an optimum respiratory condition of horses and allow intake feed control, with ease of handling and feeding. It is also suitable for horses that suffer from cramping.

Excellent sanitary guarantees, absence of dust and mould

Wafer Fioc is a dedusted hay cube that has been checked for the absence of mould and mycotoxins.

No by-product

No type of by-product, such as middlings, soy husks, bran or chaff, is used.

Without pellet

Wafer Fioc is not a pelleted food and, unlike hay pellets, it does not contain powders or flours.

Frequent questions


Guidolin Wafer Fioc
Wafer Fioc is, as the name implies, a practical 4x4 cm wafer made of hay and alfalfa, cereals and thermofioccati legumes: the fodder is rich in fibre, cereals and legumes that are an important source of energy.

The hay used in Wafer Fioc is hay that is:
long fibre, cut over 3.5cm. The long fibre is very important for the digestion of horses because it triggers the natural processes of the first digestion in the mouth and a good gastric function.
first cut, harvested in May and the richest in fibre.
quality. Quality indicators are the aroma, the uniform colour and above all the absence of dark spots that could be mould and that could create problems and pathologies in animals.

Cereal is another ingredient used in the Wafer Fioc recipe. Also in this case, the choice of quality raw materials is essential because a "poor" food can never be transformed into a quality product. In Guidolin we select only raw material with levels of toxins for human use and we carry out constant incoming inspections to ensure the required standards. Guidolin subjects cereals to an exclusive steam thermoflaking process with temperatures around 120 °C to eliminate any mould and bacterial spores that over a longer period of time could generate other microorganisms that are in any case dangerous to animals. During thermoflaking, the grain cereal becomes a staple and the starch contained in it undergoes a transformation called "gelatinization" which makes the starch molecules simpler and more digestible for animals.
In horses, the intestine is the second most important organ and its good functioning also benefits all other organs. The long-fibre hay contained in Wafer Fioc activates a first and fundamental process: the first digestion in the mouth. In fact, the long fibre, flavour and aroma of the product ensure correct chewing (also favoured by the wafer shape) and consequently a lot of saliva is produced. This performs the function of pre-digestion and softens the food, favouring its transit. All this with the effect of assimilating even more of what is ingested. In the case of Wafer Fioc, assimilation can reach up to 97/98%.

A good and correct diet also benefits and supports the entire muscular structure and is therefore essential for athlete horses.

The constant composition 365 days a year is also fundamental for the intestines of horses since continuous variations in nutrition can cause imbalances in bacterial flora. The alteration of the balance of bacterial flora can cause more or less visible symptoms, from lower absorption of nutrients and consequent physical deterioration, to fatigue and many other more or less serious diseases.
The current 5 types of Wafer Fioc all have a hay base in common. What differentiates them is the inclusion of different quantities and varieties of cereals and in some formulations also mineral salts and vitamins. Each product is formulated to give the supply of energy that horses need based on the activities they carry out but also the necessary support to cover the nutritional deficiencies that the condition, experience or reality of the animals’ stabling may entail. In any case, a "tailor-made" diet suitable for the specific conditions and activities of horses is recommended.
There are three possible ways for daily feeding with Wafer Fioc.

A complete food: For maximum effectiveness of the product, feed Wafer Fioc as a complete food: 1.5 kg per quintal of weight of the horse, divided into three meals. This modality is also recommended in the case of pathologies such as bolsaggine, gastric or assimilation problems, structural problems or allergies.

Morning meal replacement: Feed horses with 2/2.5 kg of Wafer Fioc instead of the morning meal (hay and cereals) which is the most important meal. In this way, the horse's digestive system can benefit from Wafer Fioc feeding throughout the day.

Integration: Give 1 kg of Wafer Fioc per quintal of weight of the horse, to be divided into three meals, and 6/7 kg of hay, the latter recommended in the evening before leaving the stable.

Regardless of the method chosen, Wafer Fioc should be fed dry to promote greater chewing and, consequently, also a greater production of saliva. In the case of dental diseases, it can be fed moistened, but partly losing the positive effect on the production of saliva.