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Wafer Hay

Hay for rabbits and rodents in cubes

Wafer Hay is the most convenient way to provide compact and high quality grass hay. Available formats: 350 g, 2 kg (12.4 oz, 4.4 lb).

  • Rabbits and rodents

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Pratico da utilizzare

Easy to use

Super croccante

Fun to nibble on

Fieno a fibra lunga

Long fiber hay

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Wafer Hay

Hay for rabbits and rodents in cubes

A mixture of hay that has been carefully selected and dried to maintain its valuable nutrients. A special compression technology is used to transform the hay into 100% long fibre, in comfortable rations to be provided every day. Studied and formulated for the nutritional needs of rabbits, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, chinchillas and other small rodents herbivores.

  • No dust or mould compared to bulk hay

  • It keeps the gastrointestinal system efficient

  • An excellent material for exercising teeth: proper mastication and consumption of teeth

  • Ideal for journeys, it is practical and comfortable to use

Wafer hay fieno per conigli e roditori in cubetti ingredienti

Complementary feed for rodents and rabbits

Composition: Meadow hay, alfalfa, molasses (binder).

TENORI ANALITICI – Analytical tenors
Ténors analytique, Tenöre analytische, Componentes analíticos
Proteina grezza – Crude protein
Protéines brutes, Rohprotein, Proteína bruta
Oli e grassi grezzi – Crude fat
Matières grasses brutes, Rohfett, Aceites y grasas brutas
Cellulosa grezza – Crude fibre
Fibre brute, Rohfaser, Fibra bruta
Ceneri grezze – Crude ash
Cendres brutes, Rohasche, Cenizas brutas
Did you know that…
Crude proteins: are the building blocks of the body and serve to build tissues and muscles.
Raw fats: are a source of energy and must be commensurate with the daily energy needs of animals.
Crude fibre (or raw cellulose): for regular intestinal functioning.
Crude ash: are the inorganic component, i.e. the minerals contained in the ingredients of food. They are called “crude ashes” because, if we incinerate the food, they would be the part that remains (the ash, in fact), while the organic component would be completely burned. For example: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium.

Recommended use

Provide it daily at will.
2G Pet Tips
Always make plenty of fresh water available to your pet.
We recommend that you always follow the advice of your veterinarian for feeding your pet.

Product FAQs

Wafer Hay
Wafer Hay is hay for rabbits and rodents that supplements your little friend’s diet.
Made using the best meadow hays, it is selected and then pressed until it is the perfect size for nibbling in the cage. Wafer Hay lends the proper balance and consistency to the daily food of rodents and rabbits, as well as allowing you to see how many hay cubes your little animal has eaten, without ever losing sight of its diet. Made in practical cubes, Wafer Hay does not contain fodder flour or powder. Take it with you on trips and on holiday. Wafer Hay provides a tasty pastime.

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