Horse flaked feed

    Mangimi con cereali e legumi fioccati per cavalli Mangimi con cereali e legumi fioccati per cavalli
Granpremium mix cereali e legumi fioccati con sali minerali e vitamine per cavalli sportivi

Steamed cereals and legumes specially designed for a horse's daily diet. Flaked feeds made of natural raw cereals (maize, corn, oat and barley) carefully selected and processed using the latest technology in steam cooking and flaking. This technique increases feed efficiency and nutritional values, enhancing absorption and digestibility of cereals and legumes, and assuring superb sanitary qualifications. The steam-flaking process offers several advantages, as the raise of feed digestibility and palatability, its complete sterilization and the elimination of the anti-nourishing factors. The use of flaked feeds allows also an improvement of the satiety sensation and optimizes the use of feeds of a low biological value.

Cereali fioccati


Cottura a vapore


Benessere digestione e intestino


  • Flaked cereals
  • Steamed
  • Highly digestible