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Wafer Fioc Premium

Feed for sport horses

Long-fibre feed formulated for horses with intense daily work. Wafer Fioc Premium meets the nutritional needs of athletes and sport horses thanks to the optimal combination of protein and fat, obtained from different sources. A formulation enriched with minerals and vitamins.

25kg bag: available in selected stores only.
20kg box: available only in those Countries with an active e-commerce.

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Cereali fioccati

Flaked cereals

Fieno a fibra lunga

Long fiber hay

Vitamine e minerali

Vitamins and mineral salts

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Wafer Fioc Premium

For competing and high-performing athletes

Wafer Fioc Premium is a complete and balanced horse feed, with constant nutritional and energy values, which helps the horse gastrointestinal functions. Everything your horse needs in a single product: hay, alfalfa, heat-flaked cereals and legumes. Fodder has a lot of fibres for digestive well-being, and cereals and legumes are an important source of energy. Wafer Fioc Premium special recipe also includes mineral salts and vitamins.

  • Highly digestible

  • Homogeneity of mixture

  • Energy and performance

Wafer per cavalli con fieno e cereali fioccati per cavallo sportivo ingredienti

Complementary feed for horses

Composition: Alfalfa grass forage, dust-free grass forage, sunflower seeds, flakes of integral barley, flakes of integral maize, soft wheat bran, flakes of integral soya-beans, flakes of oats, soya-bean extraction flour, non dec. sunflower extr. flour, flakes of integral peas, flakes of integral fava beans, sugar cane molasses, bicalcicum phosphate, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide.

This product contains GMO.

TENORI ANALITICI – Analytical tenors
Ténors analytique, Tenöre analytische, Componentes analíticos
Proteina grezza – Crude protein
Protéines brutes, Rohprotein, Proteína bruta
Oli e grassi grezzi – Crude fat
Matières grasses brutes, Rohfett, Aceites y grasas brutas
Cellulosa grezza – Crude fibre
Fibre brute, Rohfaser, Fibra bruta
Ceneri grezze – Crude ash
Cendres brutes, Rohasche, Cenizas brutas
Sodio – Sodium
Sodium, Natrium, Sodio
Did you know that…
Crude proteins: are the building blocks of the body and serve to build tissues and muscles.
Raw fats: are a source of energy and must be commensurate with the daily energy needs of animals.
Crude fibre (or raw cellulose): is essential for horses since it promotes chewing and therefore digestion and intestinal motility.
Crude ash: are the inorganic component, i.e. the minerals contained in the ingredients of food. They are called “crude ashes” because, if we incinerate the food, they would be the part that remains (the ash, in fact), while the organic component would be completely burned. For example: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium.
Additives per kg
Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effect, chemically well-defined
3a672a – Vitamin A14.000 UI
3a671 – Vitamin D31.400 UI
Integration per kg
Trace element compounds
3b101– Iron (Ferrous Carbonate)310 mg
3b405 – Copper (Copper Sulphate Pentahydrated)14 mg
3b603 – Zinc (Zinc Oxide)65 mg
3b801 – Selenium (Sodium Selenium)0,1 mg

Recommended use

Wafer Fioc Premium is a blend of long fiber alfalfa-grass forage and flaked cereals. Dosage: 1-1.5 kg of wafers per 100 kg of horse weight.
Guidolin Horses Tips
Always make plenty of fresh water available to your horse.
We recommend that you always follow the advice of your veterinarian for feeding your horse.

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