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Wood chips bedding

Wood chip horse litter obtained from natural, untreated pine wood. A soft and elastic litter, where your horse can relax its ligaments, joints and hoofs. Available format: Bag 17Kg.

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100% legno non trattato

100% wood not treated

Non si attacca al pelo

Does not stick to their fur

Elevato sviluppo volumetrico

High volume wood shaving

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Dedusted wood chip horse litter

from natural, untreated pine wood

The low moisture percentage makes this litter very absorbent, and perfect for an always-dry box with excellent sanitary conditions. A comfortable “bed” made of soft wood chips, for the best comfort and well-being of your horse. A dry litter that can absorb smells and moisture. Easy to clean, for greater hygiene and convenience.
Only selected raw materials are used for the wood chip horse litter. Wood chips are dedusted, before being bagged.
A dust-free wood chip horse litter, the perfect solution for horses allergic to dust or with respiratory issues. It is free from chemicals and fungal spores.

Recommended use

Initially, distribute 4-5 bales over the entire surface area of the stall (for 3x3m stalls) using a pitchfork. Remove just the sides and the wet parts daily and fill with dry shavings. Add 1-2 bales per week on average, depending on consumption.

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