Dog food

    Alimenti completi e complementari naturali per cani con legumi, cereali e crocchette monoproteiche Alimenti completi e complementari naturali per cani con legumi, cereali e crocchette monoproteiche
Diet complete alimento completo per cani con crocchette di carne e pesce top view

Artisanal dog food

A line of complete and complementary foods for dogs to feed your dog’s well-being. Dog food and kibble natural, balanced, healthy and high-quality to offer your pet every day the necessary energy. Our dog foods are without preservatives, artificial colors or flavorings and with quality ingredients.

Cani di tutte le taglie

All size

Alimenti completi e complementari

Complete and
complementary feed

Benessere digestione e intestino


Elevato valore biologico

High biological

  • All size dog
  • Complete and complementary feed
  • Highly digestible
  • High biological value

Frequent questions


Complete and complementary
food for dogs.
The term flaked is used for cereal grains squashed by a lamination process using cylinders rotating in the opposite direction following the steamed cooking process that it previously undergoes. The advantages of feeding flaked cereals your pets are:

Digestibility: The steam acts on the digestibility of the nutrients and makes them easy to assimilate.
Nature: We only use natural ingredients with a high biological value to produce our flakes, without the use of by-products.
Health: Our food does not contain preservatives, artificial colouring or flavouring.
Satiety: The whole fibres of the crispy flakes ensure satiety with smaller portions, helping to maintain a healthy weight.
Nutrition: Steaming preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients, ensuring the highest possible energy intake.
Safety: Steaming between 110 and 140°C sterilizes the ingredients, making them healthier and preserving them in a natural way.
Warranty: Our flaked foods do not contain food powders.

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