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Our mission is to select, harvest and process the best raw materials and enhance them into naturally good foods to nourish animal well-being.

Guidolin Gianni vista aerea aziendale

Where it all starts

Raw material, first and foremost

Whether it is food for horses, dogs or other animals, we only select ingredients that, by their very nature, can benefit the animal. To this end, we dedicate ourselves with enthusiasm and commitment to analyses, tests and collaborations with nutrition professionals and veterinarians. We focus on choosing only the highest quality raw materials from selected and trusted suppliers. All raw material that enters the company is subjected to rigorous checks to ensure compliance with our quality standards. Over the years, we have received confirmation of something that we firmly believed in right from the beginning: quality that nourishes well-being is a choice that pays dividends.

Tre brand per cavalli cani e animali da fattoria


of food for animals

Tre sedi aziendali nel mondo


operating in Europe and the USA

Innovazione tecnica e all'avanguardia nell'industria mangimistica


of artisanal expertise and innovation

  • Guidolin Gianni Magazzino Guidolin Gianni Magazzino
  • Guidolin Gianni macchina produzione Guidolin Gianni macchina produzione
  • Guidolin Gianni macchina produzione di creali Guidolin Gianni macchina produzione di creali
  • Guidolin Gianni macchina produzione sacchetti Guidolin Gianni macchina produzione sacchetti

Know-How and Experience

More value to raw material

The exclusive manufacturing process for the raw materials we select allows us to preserve the nutritional properties of each individual ingredient and enhance them in foods which are better because they are very tasty and easily digestible by animals. Natural, quality and continuously monitored food, since the well-being of every animal depends on its diet.

Our brands

Today Guidolin Gianni has given life to Guidolin Horses for equine feeding, 2G Pet Food specialized in pet feeding and Guidolin Agronatura dedicated to zootechnical feeding.

Guidolin Horses

Our products for horses
The Guidolin Horses range of products dedicated to equine feeding is designed to cover the various dietary needs of horses and provide correct daily nutrition with a view to improving the animal’s performance. All formulations are made through a food thermo-flaking process, which allows the organoleptic characteristics of the food to remain unaltered, improving the digestibility of the food and increasing their energy performance.

2G Pet Food

Our products for dogs and pets
2G Pet Food is a natural food line for those who want to give their pet the best in terms of well-being. We prepare all 2G Pet Food with first rate Italian ingredients, which are carefully selected and steam processed: delicate and natural cooking which encapsulates the food’s nutritional richness in a balanced meal. Through the simple steam pressing of whole ingredients, we obtain crispy and tasty flakes that preserve the fibres, fragrance and very high biological value of the food, which becomes an aid to the intestines, stomach and health of your pets. A new concept in health for your animal friends.

Guidolin Farm – Agronatura

Our products for rabbits, horses, sheep goats, poultry and cattle
The range of products dedicated to the farm feeding is designed to reconcile production needs and support animal well-being with a quality feed, with high analytical contents and a highly digestible concentrate. All formulations are obtained by mixing steamed cereals and legumes, for a balanced energy supply and a high nutritional value of the rations.

Our offices around the world

Guidolin Gianni

Via Carturo 58, 35016 Piazzola sul Brenta, Padova, Italia.
Tel: +39 049 559 4011

Guidolin España SL

P.I. El Salvador II – Vial X Parcela 114, 02630 La Roda, Albacete, España.
Tel: +34 967 441 778

Guidolin Usa LLC

3125 Fortune Way Suite 5, Wellington, FL 33414, USA.
Tel: +1(305)975.2602

A history spanning over 40 years


The company Guidolin Gianni was established in 1980 in the heart of one of the most important grain production areas in Italy, taking its name from the man who started it all off, with the aim of producing high quality flaked cereals and technical expertise to satisfy all nutritional requirements. In the early years, the company specialized in the production of feed for cattle, pigs and sheep, providing personalized services to many farms. It paid a great deal of attention to the quality of its service and the product it supplied: it ensured it had qualified nutritionists to study personalized formulas and following rigid rules in the selection of raw materials.


The company decided to build on its experience in livestock feed, but at the same time to radically innovate its activities to enter a new market segment: the horses market. A new and innovative feed for horses was launched: Wafer Fioc a mix of grass, alfalfa and long-fibre with cereal flakes in a single homogeneous and balanced product. Wafer Fioc is highly digestible, due to incorporated flaked cereals, and is an extremely healthy product suited to the digestive system of horses.


Guidolin España is a unit that operates in the Spanish market. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained in the livestock feeding, Guidolin Gianni arrived in Spain to contribute to the development of this new market with the introduction of new competitive products for the animal feeding.


In 2010 the launch of a new products line for small pet: 2G Pet Food. High quality natural feed dedicated to the daily diet of dogs, rodents and rabbits and healthy snacks for dogs without added sugar and colorings, with real pieces of vegetables, fruit and aromatic herbs in the dough.


In 2012 Guidolin Gianni presents the new line of snacks for horses Equisnack, handmade and 100% natural products, only the highest quality ingredients are used carefully baked into crunchy snacks. Healthy, tasty and irresistible to reward your horse in every moment. In the same year the introduction to the market of the new coconuts fibre Ecolettiera – Eco-Bedding for horses, convenient and easy to use.


2013 was the birth year of Guidolin Agronatura, the brand dedicated to the farm feeding reconciling production needs and quality food for animal well-being.


Equibar, the newest brand from Guidolin Horses. These special functional bars are created with the use of herbal ingredients and all-natural plant substances that can provide effective therapeutic treatment of major horse illnesses.

Guidolin Usa is the American branch located in Florida serving all the US and Canada market. Customer attention to authenticity and quality of animal nutrition products, has found a proper solution with Guidolin Gianni products. The new branch aims to become not only the trustworthy horses-feed and pet-food producer but over all the partner to discuss and find the best solution for feeding animals, suitable to their specific needs and their different life stages.