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“Quality that nourishes well-being is a choice that pays dividends”

  • Lukas

    Lukas Czechowicz

    Gianni Guidolin is proud to announce the partnership with the NRHA World Champion Lukas Czechowicz! Lukas feeds his horses with Guidolin’s WaferFioc®, the complete and balanced horse feed with high quality long fiber forage and flaked cereals to support naturally top performances. WaferFioc®: champions’ nourishment!

  • Fonk

    Ann e Bernard Fonk

    Passion for horses and excellent scores are the values that Guidolin Gianni shares since many years with the most famous Reining couple: Ann and Bernard Fonck, supporting the well-being of their horses with the natural feeds of Guidolin’s WaferFioc® line.

Wafer Fioc Premium


Wafer Fioc Plus


Wafer Fioc Cavalli


Wafer Fioc Light